Welcome to Available Rental Properties

Available Rental Properties
is a full-service management company specializing in single and multifamily rental properties located in Eugene, Springfield and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you, as the Owner, with the assurance of knowing your rental property is being handled in an efficient and dependable manner.

Careful Screening
allows us to find reliable income-producing tenants for your vacant property. If an occupied rental property is not producing as it should, our experience and knowledge of the Oregon Landlord/Tenant laws provide us with the instruments to define and correct any existing or future problems.

Cash Flow
monthly statements will be provided with a detailed and accurate accounting of your property cash flow. Reliable vendors are always called upon to handle any repairs to your property.

Work & Worry
we welcome the opportunity to take the work and worry out of your life as a rental property owner and replace it with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is being handled by a professional.

Over 16 years serving the Eugene-Springfield community Member of Rental Owners Association of Lane County